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ICC Code Definition Of "Registered Design Professional" Retained

11.11.09 | Washington, DC | A code change was recently considered by the International Code Council (ICC) Administrative Code Committee at its code development hearings in Baltimore, MD, that would have changed the existing definition of "registered design professional."  If passed, the code change proposal would have replaced this definition to recognize only an "architect or engineer" as a design professional who may submit plans to a building official for permit. This code change, which was part of a larger proposal before the ICC Administrative Code Committee, did not pass, meaning that the existing ICC code definition of a "registered design professional" was retained:  "an individual who is registered or licensed to practice their respective design profession as defined by the statutory requirements of the professional registration laws of the state or jurisdiction in which the project is to be constructed."  Bruce Goff, ASID, and codes consultant Bill Koffel, P.E. participated in the Baltimore ICC hearings on behalf of ASID, working in concert with ASID staff and representatives from IIDA to ensure that the existing "registered design professional" definition would be retained in the ICC Codes.

The existing definition was secured via the efforts of ASID with its interior design allies including IIDA and NCIDQ.  ASID believes that opening up the building permitting process to design professionals as registered or licensed  with their respective states enables the model codes to work well in conjunction with state professional registration laws. ASID will continue to closely monitor, and keep its members apprised of, code and standard-related issues impacting interior designers, including Society participation on model code development committees as well as standard development committees such as the ADA Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG) Review Committee.   

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